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Washington, DC
I'm a journalist: reporter, watchdog, writer and editor. My mission is to enlighten, empower and even entertain.

My storytelling transcends platforms. I've produced stories for print, digital, radio and television.

I was most recently on temporary assignment for The Associated Press in Helena, Montana, where I focused on politics and the statehouse. I thrived on aggressive reporting and endeavored to hold people and institutions of power accountable.

Prior to my stint with The AP, I led The Heartland Project, a collaboration based in Nebraska to enhance coverage of communities of color and LGBT issues.

I wrote and edited stories for newspapers and for broadcast. I gathered sound, wrote scripts and narrated reports for radio broadcast. As a television field producer, I helped reporters sharpen their reporting, writing and on-air performance.

As a journalist-in-residence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I lectured on diversity, reporting and ethics. I also mentored and coached students.

I have the depth and experience of a veteran hard news reporter. As a Washington-based political reporter for the Boston Globe, I covered Congress and traveled the country during the 2012 presidential election. At the Sacramento Bee, I covered the policy, politics and human consequences of the health care system. I also served a tour of duty in Iraq for McClatchy Newspapers.

In my backpack, you'll find the tools of a hands-on digital journalist: a video-ready DSLR camera, an iPad, a couple of audio recorders and a laptop loaded with the software needed to produce multimedia storytelling and code websites.